Our Environment Policy

Sustainable working practices across all our operations

We are committed to identifying, managing, and controlling our impact upon the environment throughout our entire value-chain. Dedicated to the incorporation of sustainable practices across all our operations wherever possible. Supported at board level environmental policies are endorsed and championed throughout the business. We firmly believe that we are at the forefront of developing an environmentally conscious approach to manufacturing and operations that not meets legal requirements but goes much further. Setting a benchmark for our peers and the wider manufacturing community in general. Concern for the environment is of upmost importance to the way in which we operate. We are committed to our zero-waste initiative, introducing recycling solutions wherever possible to stop waste going to landfill. Over the past few years we have invested heavily in reducing our carbon footprint by completing the second phase of its solar panel implementation programme.. We also have ongoing programmes to reduce fuel consumption within our delivery fleet that are proving highly effective in reducing our carbon footprint even further.