Our Vision

TO TURN INDUSTRIES GREEN !! We will achieve this by promoting following approach:

1. Offer environment friendly products:

Promote and encourage users to opt for biodegradable and environment friendly products so as to reduce the impact of chemicals used in lubricants to the environment.

2. Reduction for lubricant consumption:

Promote and encourage users to opt for lubricants with increased re-lubrication interval and lower quantity of lubricant thereby reducing over all grease consumption in the industry and subsequent disposal of used lubricants.

3. Rationalizing lubricant requirement:

Promote and encourage users to opt for lubricants with a varied application so as to reduce the number of different types of grease used in their industry thereby reducing lubricant inventories and disposal.

4. Reduction of Energy Consumption:

Promote and encourage users to opt for lubricants that improve efficiency of machines thereby reducing energy consumption of equipment and over all reduction of energy requirement for running a particular industry.

Our Mission

To offer customer - oriented, innovative products by leveraging developing technologies to provide superior, cost effective, environment friendly solutions and to attain sustained growth levels in a focused, transparent and ethical manner exceeding customer expectations.

  • Our Quality Policy

    Solar Lubricants is committed to continual improvements in the field of sustainable energy by improving processes, products, services and systems that not only effect the customer requirement but also the environment at large.

  • Our Health & Safety Policy

    Lubricants Operations is committed to protecting the health and safety of everybody who plays a part in our operations, lives in the communities in which we operate, or uses our products.

  • Our Environment Policy

    We are committed to identifying, managing, and controlling our impact upon the environment throughout our entire value-chain.